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Speakeasily vs. the '80s

The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast and Speakeasily Vs. The '80s are audio shows of ill-repute that grew out of the Speakeasily comedy collective. Morphing from a live Bay Area burlesque show into a web-based video burlesque talk show into a sketch comedy thrupple, the hydra-headed Speakeasily now provides comedy podcasts for your listening pleasure.
Speakeasily Vs The '80s is a rip-roaring trip down the drain of '80s trash cinema with special guests from the live performance, podcast, and film worlds.
The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast provides interviews with cutting edge performers and comedians, plus reviews of films and snacks -- the only two things in life that matter.
Speakeasily's comedy sketches and podcasts stretch the boundaries between surreal and shtick, intellectual and gross-out, counterculture and trash culture.

ODESSA LIL (Audra Wolfmann)
Host and creator of Speakeasily, Odessa Lil's razor sharp wit has earned her the designation of "stand-up dominatrix," which we can only assume means that she's punishingly funny. Ever since she ran the original club night SpeakEasily (the first-ever weekly neo-burlesque show in Oakland back in 2004), Odessa Lil has been whipping audiences into shape at shows like Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers, Barbary Coast Burlesque, The East Bay Express Best of the East Bay Party, and the Hubba Hubba Revue, not to mention film openings, rock shows, and private parties. One of the few female MCs in a scene dominated by men, Odessa Lil spelunks fresh comic territory with an olde-timey flair. Did we just say spelunks? Odessa Lil is available to those hiring for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals, divorce proceedings, difficult labors, home foreclosures, and seances.

Babs Bernsteinowitz, aka the "Klingon Vanna White", was an outcast on Kronos, her native planet. As a child she felt she never belonged in a world surrounded by drab, utilitarian colors. Her love of bling, luxury, and product presentation made her Klingon family disown her. Heartbroken she came to Earth to find her new family. She was adopted by the Bernsteinowitz family in Queens and occasionally slips into the colloquial accent of her chosen people. She's good in a Bat’leth fight but isn't quite as prone to violent outbursts as her people on Kronos. Klingon Vanna White has an ill fated decades long marriage and performing career with her future ex husband, Shecky Davis Jr. They are currently sorting out the details of their dissolution and totally wish each other the best for fuck's sake. They are well known as co-hosts of "Speakeasily" the variety show hosted by Odessa Lil. They are never on the show concurrently due to the multiple restraining orders. Klingon Vanna White still remembers the sting of rejection from her own family on the day she came out as a Klingon who loves non-functional creative fashion. So she has started a support group for other Klingons who were disowned by their families. No one should be outcast for wearing bright flashy clothing. 

SHECKY DAVIS JR. (Desmond Miller)
Working every room from Chico's Chuckle Barn to Hayward's Ha-Ha Hut, Shecky Davis Jr. has seen and smelled it all. Speakeasily isn't so bad.

Dec 25, 2019

Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s gives you the gift of sexbots this xmas season as we welcome Drag King and Cholo Goth Papi Churro for a screening of CHERRY 2000 (1987). Ignore your families and let us transport you to the Mad Maxian dystopian future/past of the year 2017 where men fall in love with their sex toys, women...

Nov 20, 2019

Are you ready for this NSFW MEGASODE!? The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast welcomes smut royalty with the king & queen of biker-erotica, Piper & Jack Davenport! Prepare to rev your engines as they each do dramatic readings from some of their best MC romances. We also spend time munching away in the Honeycomb Hideout and...

Nov 11, 2019

Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes Thee Eric Wynn, host of the radio show Goth Yearbook and the music director of Santa Rosa's indie station KRJF, to the trash dungeon to discuss the 1984 schlocky ski sex comedy, HOT DOG...THE MOVIE. Strap on your skis and whip out your hot dog because it's gonna be a gnarly slope of...

Oct 29, 2019

Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s welcomes filmmaker, musician, Diane Lane enthusiast, and all-around Dracula NERO NAVA to discuss 1984’s STREETS OF FIRE. This “rock and roll fable” is a prime example of ‘80’s ‘50s and an adventure in miscasting. Extra points for the inclusion of Willem Dafoe’s pleather waders...

Oct 22, 2019

Speakeasily Vs. The ‘80s returns with a special guest, 1980’s trash aficionado Gabriel Wheeler. Gabriel chose 1984’s HARDBODIES – a sex comedy of epic proportions guaranteed to fill your beach bum with sand. So let us go on a journey to a world without AIDS and skin cancer to this t#ts flick about three...